September 7th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Anecdotes and Commonalities

littleowl, the (interesting person who I don't know but who showed up on my friend's list) bonibaru, and tisiphone just sent their offspring off to day care, kindergarten and first grade, respectively. Both carmen_sandiego and Caveat Lector are beginning new degrees.

darkling_dreams, la_monday, curtana, forthright, sioneva, never explained, d_benway, and jennybeast all recently moved, although one of them is still looking for an actual place to live at her destination. My sister moved into her new apartment on Friday, and is now a convenient 15 minutes or so away from her new workplace. Even better, she loves her new job so far, especially the flex-time which gives her every other Friday off. innostrantsa and hilly02 are about to join the ranks of those moving - they're in preparation mode.

hilly02 submitted her dissertation, while forthright recently successfully defended his. Mairi in MS was due to defend on Friday. I presume she passed!

forthright and kashmera both start teaching at new institution.

retsuko and cliosfolly have both posted about fairy tales recently.

While most recently posted pet-stories have been happy ones, Kuomori's is, alas, a worrisome one. Her cat Theo is going into for tumor surgery. Hopefully having his leg amputated will entirely deal with it. I really hope so.

One advantage to not having a LJ is that I will likely provide capital letters in your user name.