September 19th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Isabel, raging more quietly

This isn't a hurricane, but it's as close as I've seen one here. It's still a tropical storm. The winds are strong and sustained, and the rain has been pouring down since somewhen in the night with no sign of abatement. The eye of the storm is due to pass over us - or might even be around nearing or leaving now for all I know. The power is still on, I don't see any fallen tree limbs out the window, and a whole work day at home (for a change!) awaits me.
Fishy Circumstances


Much as I admire the flexibility of being able to use a wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard with a computer... why would you want to do so 30 feet away from it?

Someday soon...
Advertisement: New! Keyboards now available with a free pair of high-power binoculars! Use your keyboard up to 100 meters away from your computer! Waterproof models now available for typing in the middle of large ponds or for those who wish to type from the comfort of their jacuzzi.