November 10th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Odds and Ends

For once, I felt prepared for today. I wrote tomorrow's lecture last night, so there were only overheads to produce, and a few related errands to run. The gist of this is that I was able to knock off several work hours this afternoon, at long last. Perhaps they'll all be gone by next week?

My parents finally decided last week where we'll be for Christmas, so I have my plane tickets now. That's a relief - the prices only go up as the time comes closer, and it's never the best season for travelling.

I've done small things lately: aerinah came over for food and board games on Friday; Saturday was pittenweem's birthday party, completely with lovely instrument playing, singing, and two cakes, spaced out over the course of several hours; and a free brunch, courtesy of the otherwise attentive kitchen losing our order chit - they didn't even charge us for the drinks!

My initial attempt at upgrading Mozilla this time around accidentally resulted in my bookmarks being deleted. Alas, my last backup was from August, but better August than none of them. I should spend a few hours sometime organizing them into something with more order, something not dependent on being carefully shut down in order to survive the experience of being used by the program which is meant to use it. This loss has just confirmed the sensibleness of adding LJ posts to memories, instead of bookmarking them.

C.'s been taking more and more amazing photos lately. You can go look at some of them, if you like. He's put very few online so far.