November 19th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

A series of related notes

This is a very slow way to tell this story, but it gives you all the right pieces of information in approximately the same order in which I received them.

* The local 7-11 recently renovated inside. It's a close, convenient store, but not one I need very often.

* I've been looking forward to the release of the Two Towers extended edition, curious to see what the revised version did to the plotline. I shopped around online this weekend and found the most competitive price I could. I think I did pretty well for myself, actually. I was going to order it right away, but realized that my 10 percent discount card at Indigo had expired. I filled out the form and waited for the confirmation email to arrive. I was cheap enough that I ordered it via regular post, not express delivery, so shipping time was due to be 3-4 days.

* My Indigo account is tied to my snail-mail speed email address.

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* In related news, I had no idea that Kinder Eggs did movie tie-ins. (via Wormtalk)