November 21st, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

South Indian Cooking

Last night, a group of five of us drove way out into the suburbs on a whim. Our driver said she knew a very authentic South Indian restaurant. She didn't know if we would like it - she said it was very good, but only if you like South Indian cooking. The Hopper Hut is located in a strip mall, somewhere out in North York or Scarborough - I don't know exactly where, an unprepossessing place with a takeout counter in front and a room full of tables in the back. As it turns out, we all liked South Indian cooking, once we knew just what it was. And with the exception of my friend who decided to take us there, none of us had ever tried any of these dishes before.

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And the price for all this decadent and bountiful eating? With taxes and tip, we paid CA$55 for 5 people for dinner, including drinks. It was a good meal all around.