December 5th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

End of a week

The sun is setting, and I'm waiting for our wine rack to show up. I commissioned a friend to buy it the next time she made an Ikea expedition, and she's coming to drop it off at any moment now. Afterwards, I will go ticket buying, and then to the CMS holiday party. It's another day of connecting the dots in my schedule.

I feel as if that's how most of the past several have been: teaching, work hours, computer games, cleaning, and the odd social event. I've seen movies, good ones and bad ones, but I haven't posted reviews. Do you want me to post reviews? They're a good way for me to be able to look back on what I thought about the movie when I first saw it.

I haven't been connecting as many of the dots as I should have been though. I've applied to very few things for next year. I've barely touched my dissertation in weeks. There's plenty of grading to fill my time in the next week or two. Those are the bits and pieces of my life right now. For once, I haven't been giving daily updates about my day as I have been, one way or another, for my entire life. I'm not sure why.