December 6th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances


* After years of admiring lovely wrought iron wine racks, elegant oriental-inspired curves of stained hardwood wineracks, and tables with built-in winerack, I am now the proud owner of a cheap, functional $15 Ikea winerack. We figured it was better to go this route and acquire a winerack we'd be wiling to abandon when we leave Toronto if necessary. I asked a friend of mine to pick up an 8-bottle rack while she was at Ikea next time. This morning, she delivered a relative of the one I'd asked for: this one holds 16 bottles. I'm not even sure we've ever had as many as 8 bottles of wine in the house simultaneously, let alone 16!

* I have seen many movies and such in the last few weeks: Elf, Looney Tunes, Timeline, the Extended Two Towers, and a few episodes of Captain Tyler. Perhaps I shall even post reviews of some of them, one of these days.

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