December 14th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Conspiracy update

The latest news in my ongoing inability to buy RotK tickets: now theoretically has all the times for Wednesday available for online purchase; however, it errors when processing my purchase request. It fails to give me any sort of information about why the transaction failed, but it does so. It did so 8 hours ago too, so presumably it's not just that their pay processing system is down and they haven't posted about it. At least, in theory, I should now be able to go back to the movie theater yet again and perhaps manage to successfully buy these tickets. This is what, my 5th or 6th attempt now?
Fishy Circumstances

Odds and Ends

* I awoke this morning to the radio telling me that on December 18th, Saddam Hussein had been captured. Given today's date, I was understandably disoriented and wasn't convinced I'd heard it correctly until the second time around.

* I only have a few more hours of grading to go. Hurray! I shall be done this afternooon. Last night, while I graded, C. watched FotR and said it was still the better of the two already-released movies.

* The world is lovely and white today, full of fluffy snow drifting through the air. I would mind this more if it weren't a Sunday. As is, it could complicate C.'s flight to Mexico. At least the walk didn't take long to shovel.

* I finally wrote a letter to my undergraduate roommate. I've been a dismally bad correspondent with her, given she at least diligently sends me Christmas cards every year. My father reports that there are also photos awaiting me in the envelope this year: including images of her two children, Quixote and Nefertiti. I really admire my roommate.

* The advent calendar gave me a stereo system today. It's a pity it's so small and non-functional.

* La Fenice has reopened. The BBC waxes lyrical about how great the views are, especially from the boxes. The problem with recreating La Fenice how it was is that the view is terrible from most of the boxes, and involves turning your neck at strange angles for hours on end. The view from the boxes is great, if what you want to see are the other boxes.