December 16th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Small note

I would be telling you all about my madcap racing around town, running errands, socializing, and grading, but DNS at home has been mostly down for the last twenty-four hours, so I keep being unable to. I've been very productive, out of necessity, crossing things off my list of things to do all the time. If grading the exam goes smoothly, then all should be in order.

Thanks to curtana and forthright, C. and I will have company for RotK!
Fishy Circumstances

So this is the internet...

I haven't had DNS working from home for the past two days, so it cerainly is a pleasure to come home and be able to actually make use of internet-dependent services once again. Perhaps I'll even catch up on weblog reading. I haven't brought my grading home, so this is free time - well, what little of it there is before I'm so tired I'll be going to bed.

C.'s back from Mexico, and has much to say on the subject of transportation there. aerinah and Kiran had a lovely birthday party at a local Mexican restaurant, give or take the highly irregular music. I have run even more errands today, which means I should be able to spend all of tomorrow grading, give or take movie-watching and the like.

In only five minutes from now, the first people in my timezone start watching RotK. I'll be going to sleep instead.