December 24th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Crossword Clues

I bought a book of crossword puzzles shortly after turning in my grading and have done a number of them. This is erratically becoming a Christmas tradition, as I have worked on crosswords the last two Christmas breaks as well. The thing is - these puzzles are all clearly designed for people much older than me. Hearing some of the clues, my father suggested they were designed for people much older than him as well!

I'm not all that good at crosswords yet, and certainly can't do cryptics, but it's much easier to do a crossword puzzle which doesn't require me to know the names of actors in 1950s TV shows and the like. Do any of you have suggestions as to what crossword puzzle books might be more appropriate for me?
Fishy Circumstances

Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday - and I hope you all have holidays around now, one way or another! - whether Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, St. Lucy's, St. Stephen's, Boxing Day, or anything else. I hope you can all do lovely, festive things which make you happy, with people you like a great deal.