January 12th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


On Saturday, CMS had its second medieval banquet which, by all accounts, went much better than the first one did. It was fun, it was entertaining, my hair looked beautiful, and there was entirely too much food. Highlights included a rap number in Old English, long-misplaced friends (including cwjat and someone who almost was in my department this year), and meeting the mythical Kevin.

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The meal was in five courses: one to "open our stomachs", one of soup and savories, another of meats and tarts, another of desserts, and a last one to "close our stomachs". The only blatantly new world product involved in the course was an oversight of dried cranberries in one of the stomach-openers. Spotting new world products isn't just pedantry on my part: learning the history of food commerce is an important part of my professional training, you see.

There was entertainment as well: one choir and two CMS language professors. David Klausner did an amusing rendition of "The Miller's Tale". David Townsend started with an elegant poem on the Phoenix, translated into modern English from what - Latin? I don't know - and then segued into a high-energy rap number (entitled Deor - thanks hilly02). It was absolutely delightful, and I couldn't understand more than one out of every 12 words.

Thank you for all of your hard work, pittenweem, Kelli, Paige, and everyone else who was involved in the event!