February 1st, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Somewhat Recently

* My first publication has now been published, in the Avista Forum Journal! It's a minor publication, a write-up of a paper I gave for an Avista-sponsored session at last year's Kalamazoo, but a real one nevertheless.

* Last weekend, pittenweem hosted a lovely Burns Night celebration, complete with neeps, tatties, haggis, and much music and amusing readings.

* Over a week ago now, forthright gave an engrossing, accessible, and well-constructed paper on the historical use of numerals. It was well received - several people commented to me in the following days that it was a particularly good paper.

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Fishy Circumstances

Out of the frying pan and into my mouth

Today's culinary challenge: how to make a savory bread-like substance with no milk or eggs in the house.

Solution, upon extensive browsing of the Joy of Cooking: Johnnycakes, made from friend corn meal and water. They made for quite a good lunch, with sour cream and C.'s One-of-a-kind Show salsa.