February 2nd, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


I updated the list of Medievalists with weblogs for the first time since before Christmas, and it involved some major changes for once. I've added an "On Hiatus" category to frequency of updates, as well as a Language category, since I have a few weblogs listed in German, Italian, and Russian. I don't search in other languages very often, so I'm sure I'm missing far, far more weblogs written by medievalists in other languages than in English. This is particularly true for languages that I don't read.

I'm happy to say that I've received three emails in the last month from people on the list, or who should have been on the list, updating information about themselves and others. There's a limit to how many of these weblogs I wonder across on my own, by web searches and by reading many of the weblogs now and again, so it's quite useful when updates come my way of their own accord. Thank you to all of you who've sent them in!

I still have good intentions towards updating the page design, but content is much more important. It's not currently possible to sort the page by languages, but it's easy enough to add that functionality if there's any demand for it.