February 10th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

The small world of academia

Today's dissertation writing thrills came from seeing just how many people I know that I can include in footnotes and bibliography in this chapter. I have a particularly large number of on-campus professors to cite, and a few friends as well.
Fishy Circumstances

Good news

I was just reading with some envy all the good things which have happened to other people today. "I want something nice to happen to me," I thought wistfully.

And then an email arrived to let me know I've been accepted into the SHOT summer writing workshop! It's a week of intensive writing and editing with about a dozen people on Cape Cod, with all expenses paid, if I remember the details well enough.

It does involve working on another writing project, but such a good one to work towards, and it dovetails closely with one of my dissertation chapters.