February 15th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Merry Christmas!

My grandmother sends me pyjamas for Valentine's Day every year, so when I received a package from her two weeks ago, I set it aside for yesterday. To my surprise, another package arrived from the same city the next day. Mentally marvelling over her unexpected generosity, and not reading the return address at all, I set it aside in a pile of two packages. On Friday, this week, another package arrived from my grandma. On the customs declaration slip, it read "pyjamas."

At this point, I was somewhat confused. Had she accidentally sent me one of my cousin's pyjamas as well as my own? Was she going overboard with gifts for some reason?

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to open all the packages. The first was from my grandmother, but it was a necklace, not pyjamas, with a note saying it was a belated Christmas present: she'd ordered it in November, and it hadn't arrived until January. The second was from the same city as my grandmother, but not from her at all: it was from my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and was another Christmas present, a lovely leather-and-metal-or-maybe-plastic notebook cover.

The third package was, as promised, my Valentine's Day pyjamas - or rather, this year, a nightshirt.

Merry Christmas and Happy Valentine's Day!