February 27th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Have you heard of web browsers (plural)?

Dear Credit Card Company,

Safari and Firefox are not old versions of Netscape which need to be upgraded in order to work with your site. Had you not the browser auto-detect in place to interupt my attempt to pay my credit card, I would have had the internal functionality to do so. I do not think better of you because my 3-year-old version of IE was not so blocked from being able to pay this bill, not when versions of other browsers which came out in 2004 are wrongly detected as archaic. You need to work on your browser detection abilities.
Fishy Circumstances


I read a chapter of a popular medieval devotional text today which made sense of some of the central aspects of my dissertation. In other words, I think I have solved one of the core problems which inspired this dissertation in the first place! I've made A Discovery!

What lesson can other medievalists take away from my own personal revelation? Read the bible more frequently. Part of the answer to my problem lay tucked away in Proverbs.