April 6th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Zero plus zero still equals zero

I'm starting to wonder if my laptop's battery died sometime in the night. I remember putting it to sleep last night, but by morning the machine had shut itself off and needed rebooting. I figured I must not actually have closed it all the way, and so it ran itself down. But now, at least half an hour later, the battery still claims it's on zero percent, which would be improbable if everything were working the way it ought to be. At least the battery is easy enough to replace. I just hope that's as deep as the problem goes.
Fishy Circumstances

Odds and Ends

* Spring is finally here. Not only are the Easter-egg-colored crocuses blooming, but the rollerbladers are out in force.

* I love having a clean house. Now if only I had the time and incentive to make it well-organized as well.

* The dissertation on Stradanus which I ordered the other week has come. I wonder if it will be as helpful as I hope it'll be?

Update: It's not the slightest bit helpful because Proquest has sent me the wrong dissertation entirely. Happily, they'll be sending out the correct one right away, but it'll probably be at least another two weeks before it arrives. Anyone interested in the Parody and Politics of Winthrop Mackworth Praed with an Appendix of the 1833 Morning Post Leaders (UMass, 1973)? I have a copy.

* I didn't just buy today's lunch, but tomorrow's breakfast as well from Clafouti. Lovely, lovely croissants.

* C.'s going to his first seder tonight. I was invited too, but in a hasty fit of absent-minded nonrefundable ticket buying, I'm going to the opera instead. I wanted to see this opera regardless, but in retrospect, it would have been nicer to do so some other night.

Update: Apparently, I am going to a seder tonight. The opera tickets are for Wednesday and Thursday, not for tonight at all. This is why I should keep my calendar updated even when I think I know exactly where and when everything is.

* My laptop battery is still at 0%.