April 11th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Eggses, my precious!

Lovely, lovely chocolate and truffle eggs (even some alcoholic ones!) Of course, since it it was the only way I was going to get an Easter egg search, I hid them as a surprise for C. He didn't grow up with egg hunting, so it's not something he remembers about from year to year. Still, now that he's found them all, I can eat them too.

A Happy Easter / three-or-four-day weekend / relaxing Sunday to all of you!
Fishy Circumstances


We saw Hellboy last night. I'm sure that the number of movie-type advertisements before the trailers have even begun has at least doubled since the last time I was at the Paramount a few months ago. In the UK, advertisements as part of the trailers, after the movie has technically begun, are numerous. Here, they seem to be incorporating them in the pre-movie "entertainment", which was previous presented more like a slide show.

The movie itself was decent fluff. I've not read the comics, so the world was new to me, but the Lovecraftian elements were nicely done. The title character was easily the best part of the movie, more so than the plot or most of the other characters. Bits of the plot didn't entirely make sense to me (how does Liz's big final combatative moment solve the problem back in the US?) - perhaps it's one of those movies which will benefit from an extended edition or deleted scenes being put back in. Afterwards, we guessed that the only bits of the movie NOT filmed on a sound stage were the outsides of buildings - the museum, the office, and the hospital.

We hadn't been to a movie in a while, and C. and I can't always agree on what to go to, but this one was mutually appealing. It wasn't a bad movie, but, now that Toronto has reinstated its entertainment taxes, next time I might try seeing fluff at the Rainbow Market Square cinema instead, which reputed to be rather inexpensive.