April 15th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


The Latin exam wasn't so bad this time around. I've definitely improved since last time, so if I don't pass, I should fail by a small margin. One way or the other, I'll find out on Monday.

Just because I've improved, however, doesn't mean that there weren't problem sections. The exam was remarkably heterogeneous. Usually there's a much greater variety of texts, and not quite so many tam...quam clauses littered all over the place. The Gerald of Wales passage was the hardest. I made several notable mistakes and oversights in the first half of that passage. Also, although the Centre exams strive to present texts in order from easiest to hardest, the second passage was the hardest, and the fourth one of the easiest on this particular exam. With a certain degree of thematic appropriateness, the fourth passage was tangentially on history of medicine. There was no full poem on this exam, but a partial one included in the first passage, a commentary on friendship.

Afterwards, I joined pittenweem, larkvi, schizmatic, piratehead, and many other Centre students for the annual end-of-term pub session, a good chance to catch up with all my fellow academics who have been hiding in their rooms for the last few months, avoiding the cold and doing nothing but work. Eventually, the room was invaded by hockey-watchers, and shortly thereafter, C. and I left for dinner with hilly02 - but since I like posting restaurant reviews, I'll tell you about dinner tomorrow, when I'm not so tired.