April 26th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


On Friday, one of C.'s hard drives started to fail, so on Saturday he bought a replacement 120G drive, larger than all our current hard drives combined. He spent Saturday and Sunday installing a new operating system and importing all his old data. Late in the afternoon on Sunday, he had a kernel panic. A few minutes later, I walked by my machine - and for the first time ever, my machine had a kernel panic too.

It was an improbably coincidence, but neither is there a reason to link the two events. My machine has been developing minor software problems over the past few days, and they're only worse post-panic. When I finish backing up what data has changed in the last week or so, I might be doing a clean reinstall of the operating system - when I upgraded to Panther, I upgraded, it wasn't a clean install, so this machine has been accumulating data for over two years now. Hopefully this will solve most of my problemss, although I still have that outstanding battery issue to deal with one of these days. At least I have plenty of space on C.'s new hard drive to back up the data!

I like my software as it stands, and I have better things to do than reinstall my system. It's a pity really, but one way or another, I will have a conference paper ready at the end of this week.
Fishy Circumstances


Installing or reinstalling an entire operating system is a slow process. It's what C. spent all weekend doing. It's what I will hopefully be spending no longer than today on. It's a fidgety activity too. Every now and again, my computer needs me to hit enter or choose something from a menu, so I can't get too involved in working on anything.

I've read one article. I planted some morning glory seeds. I backed up data. And that's all I've done today so far.