May 9th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


Campus is quieting. Raindrops are falling, bloated and huge, on an increasingly empty campus. A handful of medievalists wandered down by the swans and the lake, just before the sky opened up. The air is pleasant, warmed up from the cool of morning. There are convenient parking spots everywhere.

The Congress is over for a year, and it was a good one. I saw many friends from years past, from other schools, from previous Congresses, and I met new ones. There were good sessions, funny sessions, and a few particularly good desserts.

This morning, worn from not having had enough sleep after staying up for the dance, I went to the Avista sponsored minting demonstration. The craftsman demonstrated the parts and pieces of his craft, his punches carefully carved for just this event. We all took away newly minted silver coins, labeled in meaningless, but stylistically correct, punched words and patterns.

I bought a few books, in the end, all marked down. None of them are important for my dissertation, but all are on subjects of interest to me: an atlas of medieval warfare, a book on medieval female intellectual history, and one on fashion. I have a weakness for historical atlases - it's so much easier for me to understand the ebb and flow of battles when I can vizualize them.

It'll be a quiet afternoon, with the good company of hilly02 and aquitaineq, with the hopes of another good dessert at the end of the evening.