May 18th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


I'm safely back in Toronto from my wanderings around the greater Midwest of America. While at home, my sister kindly gave me her cold, which I am still working my way through. It's not a bad cold, as colds go: a sore throat on the first day, congestion and a mild fever for the next two. As a preventative measure, I took decongestant medicine this morning before my flights. Between that and the general dryness of airplanes, I have been all dried out ever since. For all the water I drink, my mouth is still dry. The decongestant certainly worked well and I had no sinus problems on the flight.

I came back to two weeks of garden growth. The tiny nettle plant that I had vowed to uproot just as soon as I bought gardening gloves had exploded into a monster of a plant, shadowing all the rest of the little plot of land with its oversized leaves. Cleaning gloves work just as well for keeping my skin nettle-free, so now the pretty flower packets I planted before I left will stand a chance at growing.