June 20th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Media and Cuisine

I'm going down in the world. A few days ago I was at Woods Hole. Yesterday, I was at Wood's Pit.

Wood's Pit is a barbecue restaurant located just outside the Bantam Cinema in Bantam, CT. It's a scenic area, with lush green hills and the town itself seems to largely consist of innumerable upscale holiday homes crammed around a rather nice lake. Apparently the Cinema is owned by a local hotel, to give its guests something to do while their in town. Meanwhile, the locals take advantage of it for art-house movies. We were there to see I'm not scared (Io non ho paura), a "coming-of-age thriller" which was reasonably good. This is high praise coming from me, since thrillers are stressful for me to watch. The wheat field was my favorite character in the movie.

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