June 24th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


There's a hush over the neighborhood. The bars are crowded, full with people, but none of them speak. They stare intently at the television, only occasionally remembering to drink. Green and red flags deck every store, and most of the houses. A woman sits behind at table by the side of the road, an array of flags and t-shirts laid out in front of her. Sales might have been good earlier today, but they'll be slow for the next few hours: the game's on for the European Cup, and England is playing Portugal in the quarter finals.

England has an early lead - they're ahead, 1-0, but it's early yet, and the game could go either way. I don't even need to follow the news to know who wins and what the score is: the sounds from the street will tell me that.

C. was sorely tempted to take the afternoon off of work. There are no lack of bars and pubs in this city airing the game this afternoon. He only briefly considered watching from around Little Portugal however - before self-preservation changed his mind.

The hush continues - the neighborhood is never as quiet as this in the daytime - but I'll be able to hear if anyone scores.

Update: And now the neighborhood is full of sound again - and probably will be all evening, since Portugal won. Portugal-England, 2-2, final score.
Fishy Circumstances


The day looks sorry that I've gone inside: it was lovely and sunny before, but now that I've been home barely half an hour, it's all clouded over again. The wind's picked up, and it's dragging branches accross the windows with unnerving squeaks. It might even rain, which would be good for the lushness which is now most of my deck garden.

The oregano, the random seed packet plants, and all the ground covers are thriving. The rose bush and the honeysuckle, clematis, and sweet pea seeds are showing no signs of growth at all. I need to try more vines, and replace the rose bush with something - not sure what. I chose the rose bush in the first place because it was resilient to racoon attacks. The first few little seedlings of lemon balm have finally showed up.

Today was full of errands, the sort which accumulate after two weeks. An interlibrary loan article had come, library books needed returning, my mail box required checking, and that sort of thing. I ran into three people whose names began with J that I chatted to for a while, and several other people from my department whose names begin with other letters entirely (including carmen_sandiego and snow_drifted). Js were apparently overrepresented on campus today. With my head abuzz with historiographical sources from the workshop last week, I pillaged the library for all the books which had been recommended to me, and am seriously considering mail ordered the rest.

I'm happy to report that my mail brought me a lovely little package from England containing a twenty minute video about early English windmills, the one which was shown at the conference I went to the other month. I'd be happy to play it for any of you, as long as you promise not to pay me for the privelege.