July 4th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

In the muggy quiet

The first hot swelter of humidity pervades the city. We braved it for a trip to Mildred Pierce before retreating into air conditioned bliss. My first few summers in this city were miserable: if you don't have a basement apartment and good circulation, it's worth trying to get a place with air conditioning. It makes the summer months - primarily the humidity - bearable.

I've cleaned most of the apartment. I gave up when it was largely presentable and I inexplicably cut my foot on something on the floor - I couldn't find it, but it's slowing down my household-tidying inclinations. It's easier to relax and hit the refresh button to read the BBC's latest eloquence on the subject of the Portugal-Greece game, the same game which is keeping the entire neighborhood peaceably quiet at the moment.

Happy fourth of July!