July 6th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


I spent today waiting. Well, that's not strictly speaking true. I began with a burst of energy which carried me through three productive pages of chapter writing, which meant I could do very little work this afternoon guilt-free. The writing was part of waiting for a friend who'll be arriving later, so I'm still waiting for her to arrive in a general sort of way. I waited on hold for fifteen minutes to book an appointment. I waited through three attempts to connect me to another department before I could leave a message. I'm still waiting for that message to solicit a return phone call, despite their claim they answer all phone calls within two hours. I waited on hold through another phone call to cancel a service I don't need. I waited through the abbreviated version of a junk phone call before confirmed that i wasn't at all interested (and probably not even eligible). I'm waiting for a response to a tech support question. In a moment's thoughtlessness, I highlighted all my applications and alphebatized them... and then hit enter, triggering another twenty minutes of waiting while my machine opened every piece of software I have on this harddrive.

On the bright side, I have BBEdit reinstalled on my computer, so it'll now be feasible to update websites and lists and such again. But for the evening, I will bask in the lovely weather and go see Fringe plays with friends.