July 7th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Searching for software

Sometimes, the easiest way to get something done is to pay attention and read the directions. Approximately two months ago, I did a clean install on my computer to help clean up the hard drive and eliminate minor accumulated errors. Of course I backed up my data, but not the programs for which I knew I had the install disks. After reinstalling everything, I still didn't have BBEdit back ( a lovely text editor) and I learned that iTunes does not include functionality for copying music FROM your iPod TO your hard drive.

The iTunes problem seemed easily solved. There were plenty of utilities listed on iPod Lounge to solve that very problem, so I read reviews and downloaded a recommended one, iPodRip. I was in a hurry that day - I ran the program, but after a few minutes, it was still working on the first song, so I put that project aside to another day when I had more time. A few weeks later, I found my misplaced system install disks and reinstalled many useful utilities, such as Graphic Converter and Snapz Pro, but BBEdit was no where in sight. Then I went away for a few weeks of travelling and then I was busy writing and then I travelled some more. I didn't do any website updates since it's a pain without BBEdit.

Yesterday, I ran iPodRip again. After ten minutes it was still on the first song and this time I read the instructions. "May take up to 15 minutes to copy your whole iPod". Clearly the apparently slowness (read: nonfunctionality) was actually a problem, not just inherent slowness. I emailed support. Meanwhile, since I was working on long-standing problems, I investigated BBEdit. $179??!! I wasn't going to pay that for another licensed copy of a text editor. So I looked in my preferences file to find out what version I'd had, so I could scout out an old one... and suddenly all was clear. I'd never had a licensed version! I had BBEdit Lite, the freeware version, from back when it was still made! And I could still download it from other sites! I have BBEdit again!!

Today, tech support emailed me back, and now I have all my iPod songs back on my hard drive again too. Happy ending.
Fishy Circumstances


* I saw another Fringe show last night, Shakespeare's Comic Olympics. It had many highlights, but was rather erratic as whole. I absolutely loved the half-time show dance of the Wall; Falstaff was good - in large part because he was audible miked; Calibear was a good mascot; and I really liked the way they did water sports.

* A belated happy birthday to Jennie, whose birthday I went to today. She loved Venice, had a great time wandering around and shopping there, exactly what one should do when one is in Venice.

* I met up with saffonjan and gave her lots of apartment-hunting advice. If she's extraordinarily lucky, she might even have a place to live by now.

* Despite all the bad reviews, I still admit to being curious about seeing King Arthur.

* HSX goes up and up and up!