July 8th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Resumé interests

In order to demonstrate how well-rounded one is on a resumé, it seems to be generally accepted practice to list a few hobbies at the end of the thing. Selective truth generally prevails in this part of the exercise. While one may be a whistling world champion, most potential office mates may look askance at a whistler soon-to-be in their midst. "Music" is a blandly acceptable alternative to list. Likewise, I could put "updating my weblog" as a hobby - or I could generalize more usefully and generically to "writing".

All of this is a precursor to the results of the "Things you may be interested in" meme making the rounds at the moment, which compared my listed interests with the interest lists of those sharing my more unusual interests.

This exercise resulted in a list of the sort of bland generalizations which would be right at home on a somewhat uninformative, if perfectly truthful, resumé. Terry Pratchett scrapes in at number 19, with Lord of the Rings at 12, scant specifics in a list of generalities. (And for reference, jazz is the only one listed I wouldn't be interested in including on my existing list; and while I'm spectatively interested in politics, I wouldn't include it on either kind of list either).

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Fishy Circumstances


I sat around and talked with writers about writing tonight and came to realize that, somewhen in the last year or so, I became a writer. It's what I do to profess my profession: I write. I write regularly and steadily. I'm working towards a novel-length finished product. My first article (short story equivalent) will be in an essay collection by invitation - the woman I was speaking with at the time will be published in an anthology, by invitation as well. I was edifying to realize the parallels. I read about writing, I talk and I worry about writing. I'm not in classes, I'm not teaching, I'm writing. Yes, my broader professional inclinations and long-term permutations may encompass other activities, but for now, writing is what I am doing.