July 24th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Glory update

Dear Racoons,

Stay away from my morning glory. You've ruined enough of my plants without hurting this one. I don't appreciate how you broke off the leading two feet worth of the plant. At least you haven't killed it yet - unlike the clematis which you broke, the morning glory has multiple leading tendrils at this point.
Fishy Circumstances

I, Robot, Shaolin Soccer, and a new Diana Wynne Jones book!

Back on Tuesday, C. and I celebrated cheap movie night by seeing I, Robot. I hadn't thought I would want to see it, based on the preview; but then I heard that the director had done Dark City, that the movie was much better than the preview, and had additional information about it from wakarusa which helped me decide that I might be up to seeing it after all.

As theengineer had promised, one of the evening's highlights was in the preview for Resident Evil: Apocalype - because most of the preview shows Toronto city hall getting blown up, which was really quite entertaining, especially to see it being done at the heart of an action-adventury-horror-suspense flick. There were shots from a distance. There were details shots. There were shots of the main character running down the side of city hall. I won't be seeing the movie, but the preview was well worth it! I've seen New York and Tokyo destroyed in movies more times than I can count, but this is the first time I've seen parts of Toronto wiped out in a movie universe.

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I frequently neglect to post movie reviews, but this one I promised to zero_gravity, who I ran into en route to the movie.

I saw Shaolin Soccer last week with a whole slew of friends. Go see it! It was delightful, wonderful, fun, and engaging. We laughed and applauded. It's one of the most fun movies I've ever seen. What's not to like about a movie which is about magical kung-fu soccer players flying over the heads of their competitors and where the goalie can throw the ball into the goal at the other end of the field - and yet they still face still competition to make it to the finals of the competition they're in and face off against Team Evil?

In unrelated book news: Diana Wynne Jones has a new Chrestomanci book coming out in the spring!!! It's called Conrad's Fate.