July 28th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


The seed packet promised a decadent array of lovely flowers, ones which dried nicely on plant. It's yet to deliver. Many of the plants succumbed to the hazards of competition and never noticably grew in the first place. Others have grown to several feet of height and stalled, with no obvious changes over the past few weeks. Many others have been trampled under the racoons' relentless paws. No flowers are obviously forthcoming from the would-be flower-beds.

Inside, however, save from the racoons and the realities of a competitive flower-bed, the room is full of flowers. Daisies, lilies, sunflowers, gardenias, a rose, and several other flowers whose names escape me at the moment bloom in motley-hued glory. They crowd into multiple vases and tower over the tabletop. They smell of green and a ghostly whiff of florality. They are full of color and full of life, at least for the moment. They are the ongoing celebration of the fact that I was born (as Jay would say), and all thoughtfully given by pittenweem, double0hilly, Lee and C.

Thank you.