August 15th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


Weeks ago, saffronjan asked me where there were good butchers in the city. At the time, I had no idea, but I had every good intention of sending her the gist of whatever Toronto Life recommended, since they're usually good about that sort of thing. Now, however, thanks to a guided tour of St. Lawrence market provided by lemur_catta and chickenfeet2003, I can recommend the market enthusiastically. The downside is that it's not particularly close to the person who needs it.

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Meat is not something I know a great deal about; rather, I don't know a great deal about buying it. How do you recognize good meat? I can buy and cook meat (although usually I delegate meat-cooking to C. - he's good at it these days). But how can you recognize a good piece of meat by looking, shy of buying things which smell fresh?

In Halifax, I ordered an assorted game entrée for dinner one night: red deer, caribou, quail, and game sausage. The red deer was tasty, a bit watery, but would make a good staple meat. The caribou was rich, full of flavor, delicious, a treat.


I was very sorry to hear that Julia Child died on Friday.