August 22nd, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


Tonight's dinner was particularly nice. Sometimes it's good to have a nice dinner, for no other reason than that the ingredients are all available - in this case, the inspiring ingredient was caribou. We first tried the meat a few weeks ago, early on in the Nova Scotia trip, and it had a rich, complex flavor, a really interesting meat. Best of all, we could found a local retailer of it at the St. Lawrence farmer's market. We went to the market yesterday, and stocked up on assorted other ingredients as well - the fingerling potatoes were the only other one which joined this meal, however.

Parts of the meal were gifts. The dried cranberries and walnuts were from Gavin and Jessica, from back when we hosted a fourth of July party. The wine, a Hermann J. Wiemer Johannisberg Riesling from the Finger Lakes, was a gift from saffronjan and company (it was a tasty, well-rounded, somewhat dry, faintly flowery wine).

Some of it was last minute addition. At the grocery store this evening, it occurred to me that a good meal needs a strong finish, and so, on whim, I added a chocolate fudge cake to my basket. Since the grocery store had no juniper berries for sale, the sauce was at the mercy of what we had in the house. I made a Joy of Cooking recipe variant, a cranberry-and-sage sauce which balanced the strength of the meat's taste nicely.