August 24th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Urban renovation

The Yonge-Dundas intersection has undergone more changes than most lately. I have only the fuzziest memories of the motley assortment of shops or greenery which occupied the elegant slab of concrete, erstwhilely fountained, known as Dundas Square, which opened last year. Nearly every corner of that intersection has been under construction for a year or two. Now, they're all coming together.

On Saturday, the world's first Olympic Spirit Musem (Center?) opened on the southeast corner of Dundas Square, a place to race against virtual athletes and eat sandwiches served by past Olympians. Note that it costs $18 for adults, but only $8.50 for students. They're hoping it'll be a huge success and be the first of many to be built around the world under the auspices of the Olympic Spirit Commission. Of course, for the duration of the Olympics, the square itself is one giant Olympics-watching venue.

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A passing thought, courtesy of reading McLuhan-related websites: work can't always "just" be ground-breaking or nothing will ever be planted or built; labor will have no fruits.
Fishy Circumstances

Resumé in SMS

C. and I were discussing the sorts of jobs for which I will shortly be applying. Somehow, the subject of conciseness in resumés came up - and with it, the art of concision increasingly common in modern communication - the use of SMS or cellphone messaging to communicate. With that in mind, we spent the past fifteen minutes trying to design two convincing, well-supported resumés for me, leaving out any extraneous information. I'm still not convinced about leaving out what institution I'm enrolled at. My name is theoretically expendable (and is in these versions), since there is always contact method, a phone number, automatically attached to the message - if someone was interested in the person portrayed in the resumé, they have a way of responding to it.

Research Post (159 chars)
~PhD History-SciTech(Medieval Ideas);Research:1published(sandglasses),2pending(windmills essay,eyeglasses);Major Conference papers;Instructed EarlyTech course.

Teaching Post (151 chars)
~PhD History-SciTech;Strong teacher: instructed EarlyTech course, multiple TAships(SciHistory,ModernTech);Research:1published,2pending;Public speaking.

The rules: write a clear, communicative resumé for yourself, designed to win you a fairly specific job, using 160 characters or fewer. Spaces and punctuation count.

I'd be very interested in seeing what anyone else might come up with - or how I could improve my own!