September 4th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


I went with a friendly group of people to see Hero on Wednesday. What a beautiful movie! The fabrics were beautiful, the leaves were beautiful, the reflections, the water droplets, the hair, the cinematography, the color contrasts, the rockscapes: it was all beautiful.

The plot is slender, and isn't the reason to see it. Indeed, in retrospect, it's somewhat propagandistic, but the plot was really secondary to the visuals. The elegance and beauty of the movie is why it's worth seeing, and, if possible, seeing on a big screen. The action sequences, the reason for the movie's existence, are pretty good too. They're also pretty.

I wish my clothing flowed like Snow's.
Fishy Circumstances

Weighty Matters

I'm wondering when and where the phrase "the weight of time" developed. Conceptually, it would make sense if it came from water clocks or hourglasses, but I have no proof of it. Bartlett's doesn't list it. Neither does Brewer's or the OED. A casual online search only reveals uses of it. It is particularly used in phrases such as "crumbling under the weight of time", which implies that the phrase has its origins in analogy, not technology.

On the bright side, searching through JSTOR for the phrase yielded the delightful article title, "The Couch as a Unit of Measurement." (Classical Philology, Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 30-35, by Eugene S. McCartney. Discusses the perfectly serious topic of the classification of the sizes of Greek banqueting halls in antiquity.)