October 26th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Caribbean Chili

Browsing through the Joy of Cooking, a recipe using black beans caught my eye. Now I'm not a big bean fan in general, but I really don't mind black beans, and this recipe had other nice things in it too, like orange juice and garlic. And so, after several hours of pot-watching, we now have several days' worth of "Wild Caribbean Black Bean Chili". I'm not really sure what they mean by the "wild" part of the name, but it certainly is good stuff. There's alot of lime and orange juice in the recipe, a reasonable amount of spice (although I erred on the side of caution there), onions, tomatoes, cumin - all sorts of things - and all the black beans, of course. With a dollop of sour cream and a few corn chips, it made for a very flavorful dinner.
Fishy Circumstances

Poetry Lite

Many years ago, my father introduced me to a delightfully witty, silly poetic version of Bluebeard.

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A song on Radio Paradise a few minutes ago mentioned the Bosphorus, and suddenly the first verse of the Bluebeard poem was traipsing around my head.

What are all the other verses? I couldn't remember; but what are search engines for, if not to supply the verses to rather obscure poetry? And so it was I found that Guy Wetmore Carryl, American humorist and poet, published the poem in 1902 in his poetic collection Grimm Tales Made Gay.

Go on. If you liked the one I posted here, you know you want to read more of them.

(I particularly like his version of Little Red Riding Hood.)