November 3rd, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Happy Things

* Eitelbach was selling chocolate for as cheap a price as I've ever seen there, thanks to post-Halloween discounts. I bought 15 dark chocolate bats at 20 cents apiece and wandered around campus handing them out yesterday. It made me happy.

* I have a lovely new Peach Berserk dress, made out of cotton, dyed purple and black, and printed in black and silver respectively. It is so comfortable it feels like wearing pyjamas. Buying it was an ideal shopping experience for me: i walked into the store, noticed the dress, tried it on, it fit perfectly, I bought it and left.

* I had the fun of introducing ballincollig and saffronjan to J.S. Bonbons hot chocolate. Also, I now know that J.S. Bonbons has availability in January for their "Intro to Working with Chocolate" class. I'm still very tempted.

* I have written a page today, and still have most of the day to look forwad to. I picked up a few crucial articles at the library yesterday and haven't even read them yet. That'll be good fodder for more writing.

* It might be cold outside, but it's lovely and sunny and bright.

* I finally got to see Cat's cat Cinnamon out from under the bed and playing. She's still very person-shy, but as long as no one moved, she was willing to frolic nearby.
Fishy Circumstances

Beer vs. Wine

A spokesman for a major British brewing company was feeling combatative when he was interviewed by the BBC on the degree to which wine is infringing on beer's place in Britain's alcohol consumption.
"I have seen the odd occasion where I have walked into a pub and seen a man drinking a glass of wine," he says. "I find that totally unacceptable."

Many British women (among others) are partial to cider, "girly" cocktails, and the odd glass of wine. I was always teased for ordered mixed drinks over there, since I have no taste for beer. (A Real Woman would have ordered beer, just one of the guys.) The spokesman was clearly trying to reinforce the manly image that beer has to some degree in Britain. This smacks of real desperation to me, caused by loss of market share. If the industry was doing reasonably well, the spokeman might have cared more about what the women in the pub were drinking as well.