November 5th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


Happy Bonfire Day!

(Rather belatedly, but then again, who celebrates it in the daytime?)

We celebrated by going to the pub for the evening and then coming home to light a candle. It's not quite a bonfire, but it's open flame in honor of the day.

C. tells me that parkin and toffee are the foods traditionally eaten on the bonfire days he grew up with. In the process of trying to find out what parkin is, I ran across Preston Gingerbread. I had no idea Preston had its own particular gingerbread. Apparently, it's much like parkin.
Fishy Circumstances

Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce did a reading tonight in the Brigantine Room at the Harbourfront Centre, the same venue where I saw Jasper Fforde last week. I grew up on Pierce books, reading the Alanna books when I was a young teen. A few years ago, I read the Circle of Magic books. I never got around to reading most of her books in between, but she's been steadily producing what are mostly sets of four books all along. The room was fairly full, but there was the odd empty seat, just as well since I bought my ticket about twenty minutes before the event was due to start. The room was filled predominantly with young teenaged girls, many of whom were reading as they waited for the event to start, exactly the market of young dreamers and aspirers which her novels describe.

After being introduced, the author came out on stage, a middle-aged, increasingly grey-haired woman in a pale yellow suit which looked good on her. She set her book on the podium and dully announced, "I'm going to do a reading from my new book. It's called Trickster's Queen. Prologue." In a mumbled monotone, she proceeded to drone something about places and people with long names doing some things in a narratively historical voice. All of three sentences in, I was missing words she mumbled.

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