November 7th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Cream tea at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Location: EPIC Restaurant, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto.

We saw the fourth member of our party already seated from across the room, so the hostess waved us off to find our own way to our table. Maybe this is why we missed out on having anyone offer to take our coats, not that we really needed the offer, as there was plenty of spare space to drape them on the couch or the backs of the ample chairs. And yet it was the beginning of the very friendly, but only sporadically attentive service which brought us our tea.

It was a pleasant afternoon. We were there both to celebrate ultrascichick's birthday and to continue our ongoing tour of Toronto's cream teas. This was our second stop, with both C. and double0hilly coming along for more tea, clotted cream, and pastries. However rich it is, cream teas are, by definition, decadent.

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Afternoon tea at the Royal York hotel was respectable, but not overwhelming. The pastries were lovely. The rest was competent and pleasant (particularly because of the company), but not much more.