November 11th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

A day or two

I spent most of the past two days working on a job application, my first serious acknowledgement that I need to get to work and apply to things or I will have no formal affiliation with any institution next year, which would be mighty awkward in the current phase of my profession. The application completed, I went to the post office in the mid-afternoon... only to find it closed for Rememberance Day. Thus it was I came to discover where my closest Mailboxes Etc. is located, 1.91 km away. It's done, it's sent, a scant week after I discovered the post existed in the first place.

The other major part of yesterday was a farewell dinner and Beowulf reading for a Young Canadian Soldier. He's off to join the navy (which got around to accepting him only ten months after he applied...), for basic training, so it'll be a fair many months before he comes back for a brief visit. (Good luck! Have fun!)

We (my erstwhile gaming group) went to an impressively cheap and reasonably good Japanese (not sushi) restaurant on Yonge, north of College, called Tokyo Grill, before heading off to the Beowulf reading. No, reading is the wrong word. The Beowulf performance.

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Did you know that the T.V. dinner is now fifty years ago? Like so many pieces of food trivia I've read lately, this one comes from fs_appetizers (Better known as Food Section - Appetizers).