November 18th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


Being ill is so much more enjoyable when there are people around to cosset me. I'm grateful though, that I don't have to be in class or at work today, the way many of my other friends who are ill right now do. I can stay home, rest, feel lousy, and cosset myself.

I felt rather weak today. Although I still wasn't hungry at all, I figured part of that weakness might have been not eating for two days, so I dragged myself out to the grocery story to buy saltines. Or rather, to discover that the local grocery store (and, for all I know, all Canadian grocery stores) does not sell saltines. It sells "salted tops", otherwise known as Premium Plus crackers, which appear to be the same thing. If I accomplish nothing else today, I have learned something else about Canada.

Update: The update is in Italics. The words "Premium Plus" really looked like a company name to me, so I didn't register it as the product name without assistance.