November 23rd, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Good things from today

  • Ordering my very own copy of a reproduction of the 1603 Iconologia!
  • Finally going to the library and finding that every single article I went in to copy was even more exciting that I thought it would be.
  • Checking out an 1879 book which has never been read before. It's in gorgeous condition, it was unstickered (it pained me to cause it to be stickered with a barcode), and, most tellingly of all, all of its pages are uncut.
  • Running into one-time students of mine who told me how good a teacher I was when I taught them. Their enthusiasm makes me much happier about job applications.
  • Running into a colleague who also works on eyeglasses who not only wanted to send me a recent conference paper of his, but was eager to proofread the relevant dissertation chapter of mine as well!
  • Running into a friend from German class (which was several years past). She's lived in Germany since then, and gave me her business card so I could keep in touch to discuss Germany options.
  • Running into in_translation and learning she's particularly partial to good food.
  • A pleasant chat with a History department PhD student who was astonished to find a fellow historian checking out history material from the computer science/engineering library.
  • For the first time ever, receiving good, helpful service from the computer store/repair place. And after something like 8 months of waiting, I finally have a laptop again, because my laptop now has a working battery.
  • Seeing The Triplets of Belleville for the first time. I had no idea it was a movie about bicyling. What an impressively idea-filled, creative, funny fairy tale it is!
Fishy Circumstances

Howl's Moving Castle: The Movie

Hiyao Miyazaki's movie version of Howl's Moving Castle opened last week in Japan, and the reviews are spreading. It's a good movie - not as good as Spirited Away, because it wants to rush through more story while still keeping time to explore the world in leisurely ways. And, most importantly for book fans, the plot is not the same as the book. Collapse )

luxvesperis posted a review and a few pictures, including what the Calcifer plushies look like.
reene commented briefly in the dianawynnejones community (where there's also a post about the movie soundtrack, which is also out).
Some of my comments on the movie also came from tsutanai's viewing. (Thank you for passing them on!)

Update: The BBC reports that Howl set new box office records for the opening weekend for a Japanese film.