November 27th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Gourmet Food and Wine Show: Getting there

Over the course of the last few months, I've increasingly realized that I really like reading about good food and restaurants, going to places which serve good food, and just generally pursuing things relating to this subject. Such a revelation was enlightening, fodder for a good hobby and lovely eating experiences. And so, inspired by my newly conscious pursuit, I thought it only fitting that I should check out the annual Toronto Gourmet Food and Wine show.

The event was held in the south building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I'd been to the north building of the complex for last year's Worldcon, but not the south one. The website recommended the skylink/skywalk from Union Station as the best approach. I took the streetcar down to the subway, passing traffic congestion at the Lakeview Lunch where they were filming for a movie, as they so often do there. This time, the movie was called Tilt and is due to be released in 2005 as a "major motion picture" about a high-stakes poker tournament in Las Vegas. Toronto, Las Vegas - what's the difference, really?

Then it was only a matter of going via the subway and the airport in order to make it to my destination. Collapse )