December 13th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances

Gravity and other forces

  • Today, I bear witness to gravity's effectiveness. I knocked over a mug full of water, which happily did not break; I dropped an eggshell full of egginess on the floor; half a candycane; a scarf; and by the time we came home, the laundry basket had managed to fall over too.

  • I ransacked the Yonge and Bloor area for a 6-cup loaf pan late last week. Kitchen Store Plus only had 8-cup pans in stock. Astonishingly, the Bay were out too, although they had 8-cups with silicon-covered handles, useful if you've misplaced your oven gloves. For a while, I wondered if 6-cup loaf pans had gone out of style. Then, in a fit of pique and impatience for banana bread, I went to the only remaining option near the intersection, and bought a William Sonoma loaf pan.

  • The votes are in, although you can't see them all since I also polled non-LJ using friends at dinner on Friday. With their votes counted, it's a three-way tie for Thai, Moroccan, and Knife Skills. The Knife Skills voters, however, went to the work of arguing in favor of why it would be useful for me to take the course, and so today I signed up for the course. I'm still very tempted to take one or two other courses however. At this rate, they'll be crowded into one fell swoop of a week in late February. That's just how the timing works. Strangely, absolutely no one voted for French food.

  • Today: two pages written, 1 c.v. heavily revised, 2 loads of laundry done, lots of present wrapping, lots of cleaning.