December 26th, 2004


Food notes

Homemade mincemeat pies with year-old mincemeat are amazingly good.

I've not eaten salsify and haven't seen any, but I at least now know what it looks like, thanks to a good book about vegetables. According to the book, it looks like a parsnip and tastes like oysters.

A leftover turkey sandwich with butter alone really lacks the moisture that mayonnaise provides.

Spicy Thai Chili crisps are much easier to eat when I'm so congested that spice and sweet are all I can discern. Their fire is a little on the hot side now that I have my taste buds back.

I'm sure the venison casserole was very tasty. I ate it, but had to take everyone elses' word for the taste of it.

Mmm. Mature homemade Christmas pudding with flaming brandy.

I'm all in favor of the giving and receiving of chocolate for Christmas.

Around the various Thanksgivings of the year, I read all about Turducken. Now, thanks to "A River Cottage Christmas Feast" t.v. show, I know about the next extreme such a confection can be taken to: ten birds all stuffed in together. They all fit inside the turkey, but they didn't all fit inside each other.

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