December 30th, 2004

Fishy Circumstances


The three of us hadn't been back to the University of York in five or six years, and a great deal had changed. Oh, the heart of the campus is still the same: drab, aging '60s concrete, long walkways, endless bridges dancing back and forth over the manmade lake which is the heart of campus. But new buildings, all brick, glass, and sloping roofs, have sprouted up and replaced the worst of the aging. Wentworth residential blocks are bracket the far end of the lake in shiny new elegance. The Chemistry mushroom tower is gone, the green courtyard it once occupied showing no trace it was once there. The Borthwick now occupies a new library building next to the old, and where several of the Vanbrugh residences were is now "Market Square", a selection of shops, supermarkets both regular and Oriental, insurance, STA travel, and the like. Colin's old, aging building looks largely the same, but has been refronted with balconies, and renamed Grimston House. I just hope for the sake of the current occupants that the building has been equally refurbished inside!

Meanwhile, it was wonderful to catch up with old friends we'd not seen in entirely too long. lazyknight drove us up to T&C's house, where we met up with both halves of stonecircle, both halves of nuthouse, W&H, and our hosts for the night, evieb and S. The biggest change was the toddlers, three of them, two of them inarticulate and clumsy, one of them just beginning to babble and claim possession of her belongings. We talked, we ate, we played Cranium, a rather difficult and poorly defined board game, which nevertheless featured any number of extremely diverting moments with charades and drawings. Hopefully we'll be seeing much more of everyone very soon.