January 30th, 2005

Fishy Circumstances


My day has been consumed with working on a fellowship proposal; I have learned a great deal in the process, and written not nearly enough. I have pretty pictures to scan in and show you, but no time to do it just now. Given the nature of my week, it would not surprise me if I have a longer list of topics about which I would like to write about at the end of the week than I do already. Happily, they are all topics I look forward to writing about.

Elsewhen in my life, I have watched many Red Dwarf episodes I'd not previously seen, eaten an amazing avocado, corn, tomato, and mayonnaise salad prepared by saffronjan, and signed up for a brunch class with theengineer (bringing to three the number of cooking classes for which I am enrolled, all of which will be in late February or early March). The weather was warm by recent standards, bordering on freezing, which prompted a great many sheets of ice to slide like time-lapse glaciers off of the roofs of nearby houses over the course of the day.

The most astonishing moment of my day was a 10 am delivery of a package by Canada Post. Canada Post never delivers on weekends, yet today they brought me what might be the last part of Christmas. (It's been Christmas all week here, thanks to a steady trickle of gifts and packages!)
Fishy Circumstances

Winterlicious #1: Bruyea Brothers

Location: 640 College, at Grace. Toronto.

Winterlicious is a yearly event wherein for two weeks over a hundred of Toronto's restaurants offered prix-fixe menus for lunch and dinner ($10, $20, or $30 for the meal, no more). The goal is for restaurants to entice new customers - ideally, return customers - for a variably competitive price. It's an amazing bargain, especially if you can get into the city's top restaurants - spots for those can be competitive. I waited a few days until the worst of the phone traffic had died down and tried for a few placed I'd heard good things about instead. Tonight was the first.

Despite the dark walls and exposed brick, there was enough light that we had no problem reading the menus. Little chandeliers marched down the center of the long room, incongruous with the modern decor. A shiny bar lay near the front, by the door, with flat screen t.v.s and no sound. I didn't notice them until the end, just as well. saffronjan and her husband met me at the table, white linens and bread already arrayed on the table.

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