February 10th, 2005


Winterlicious #3: Square

Location: 692 Mt. Pleasant, south of Eglington. Toronto.

Although I knew in advance Square was likely to be our best meal, I didn't schedule it last for that reason. Well, maybe I did - that's why I had to book a later date than the others - the restaurant was in higher demand.

Square is one of Oliver Bonacini's restaurants, which comprise a local group of top fooderies. The six restaurants include Canoe, which is consistantly ranked as one of the best few restaurants in the city. At Square, the food concepts are playful. The pun on "square meal" is intentional; the full menu features such misleading items as Bangers & Mash, Braised Beef & Guiness Pudding, Soup 'n' Sandwich, and a "Piece of Cake". But this is no café or pub, despite the dishes. Not when they're surrounded by other dishes like Lobster Ravioli and Liquorice Scented Venison. None of them are what they seem. The Soup 'n' Sandwich turns out to involve foie gras, quince & white bean.

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Fishy Circumstances

House tour

Since Colin is now equipped with webcam and wireless network, he gave me a tour of our new apartment a few days ago. It looks bright and comfortable, but the best sign of all was that the dining room curtains are printed in Latin.

What does it say? The fold of the curtains made that impossible to determine in a hurry. I'll find out soon enough.