February 28th, 2005

Vanitas desk

The Humiliated

Thank you to everyone who competed and voted in this game of Humiliation! The race was an extremely tight one for most of the weekend, with Hamlet, The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings within one or two points of each other. In the end, a few last minute voters who'd only read The Hobbit (of these three) added in their votes, with the prequel to the Lord of the Rings squeaking ahead to a four point victory. This is particularly impressive given that an amazing sixty-nine people voted!

Congratulations to kashmera, the winner of this weekend's round of Humiliation! Your prize is a homework assignment: go forth and read The Hobbit. I can even send you a copy, a much better reward for winning than, say, a humiliating little logo advertising your win.

Congratulations also to oursin and momiji, who gave kashmera very stiff competition along the way.

Commiserations to suffisaunce, who ended up with the fewest votes for Small World. If that's as popular a book you can come up with that you've never read, you must be very well-read indeed, despite your protestations to the contrary.

Among voters, beeswing read an amazing sixteen of the entrants, while wakarusa and chickenfeet2003 read fifteen of them. I counted rather quickly, so hopefully I didn't leave anyone out of the best-read voters list.

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