March 2nd, 2005

Fishy Circumstances

Bullet Points

  • I'm now the proud owner of a wireless card for my laptop.
  • may have arrived two days ago at her destination, but her journey lives on. She sent me postcards! The ones from days 1 and 2 of her trip arrived today.
  • There must be many distraught students on the University of Toronto campus tonight. Thanks to a broken water main, Grad House will have no running water for 12-24 hours.
  • Speaking of campus, I happened to intercept large numbers of tractors protesting inadequate government agricultural subsidies at Queen's Park today. The bright colors of the tractors were lovely against the foot and a half of snow smoothing the park landscape, inamongst the bare trees. I didn't have a camera with me, but you can see pictures of it thanks to piratehead and larkvi.
  • doctor_mama went on holiday and took lovely seaside photographs.
  • A collection of links - ordered by year - of images of windmills. Some of the links are dead.
  • I'm a big fan of rice pudding, and today, the world of online journalism has several articles to offer on the subject - and on rice in general. You can read up on all the lovely varieties of rice pudding, or read up on various other rice-related news stories over at Cronaca (cronaca).
  • I'd heard about Chowhound for a long time but never really took a look around the site until a day or two ago. I deeply admire making sites accessible to text browsers... but... how on earth does anyone sanely use that site on a daily basis? Even with the HotPosts feature, I found it annoying to use. Still, it's a treasure trove of information on food.