March 6th, 2005


Cooking Class: The Cookworks (Brunch)

Location: South of Queen and Dovercourt, on Sudbury. Toronto.

Mildred Pierce is a restaurant which serves one of the best brunches in Toronto. We don't go there very often because the menu doesn't vary much, and they only serve brunch on Sundays. But the food is delicious. Thus, when theengineer suggested taking their brunch class, I was easily swayed into adding a trip to Mildred Pierce's adjunct cooking school, The Cookworks, into my schedule. Also, this is my last currently-schedule cooking class.

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The Cookworks is strong on amenities, helpful staff, and teamwork. It's the best of the cooking classes I've been to thus far for the sheer variety of amazing food to eat together at the end, and offered the nicest drinks and nibbles to consume while cooking. I learned a fair amount but, except for the egg lessons, what I came away with was more diffuse, less focused, than the other classes. I wasn't a part of cooking most of the dishes, although I have the recipes for everything we ate - and a great deal more in the cookbook. I loved the sense of space the place offered, the professionally-equipped version of a cooking school in a private home. If you want to learn something about cooking, but really, what you're after is the food at the end, this would be an excellent choice - especially if you're not on a diet.

An inch of paper

214 pages of printed-out chapters. I haven't written the brief introduction and conclusion yet. A certain amount of material will come and go with revisions. It's a good thing I just bought new ink cartridges.

Time to start editing!